Cooperation with Daugavpils Medical College (Latvia) EU

     A treaty is signed with Daugavpils Medical College (Latvia), which foresees multilateral  scientific-educational cooperation in the sphere of specialized secondary education and the first level of the high professional education:

1.Joint opening of faculties, branches, short-term courses etc;
2.Publication of scientific-practical and scientific-methodical monographs in the  Bulletin of Medical Institute after Mehrabyan;
3.Participation in joint educational projects, grants and conferences;
4.Exchange of curricula and programs;
5.Mutual help in installation of Credit Transfer system (ECTS) in unification of Diplomas (Supplement)  proceeding from requirements of Bologna Agreement;
6.Exchange of scientific literature and other materials;
7.Participation in projects of distance training;
8.Scientific-practical business trips of administration and teaching stuff.
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