The European Union supports the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the South Caucasus Region.
Medical Institute after Mehrabyan is an active  member of  the technical Assistance project Universities and the national Research and Educational Networking  Associations (ARENA,AzRENA,GRENA).
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"First Medical Aid" E - learning based version will be developed in close cooperation with ICT experts, which is extremely actual for the population of the Republic of Armenia.
Annotation: First aid provision from our point of view is very important for the population of Armenia. Every person the more he can, can and must provide first aid as a life and health of every human being is directly connected on the way he-she is provided first aid.
Qualified and in-time medical first aid shorten stationary treatment as a rule and accelerate the process of heal wounds and quick rehabilitation of patient. First aid is both important in case of disasters and in peaceful time and is targeted for prevention and liquidation of hazardous factors, like blooding and shock.
 Language of Instruction: Russian and Armenian
Duration: Two months
Teaching Hours: 80 hours, taking into consideration the text, video, animation, tests and practical classes.
 Study Methods: Blended learning

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